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特立尼达莫鲁加蝎子lv神奇烟盒Just like Lv Meng, but also Jiang Dong, Chai Sang Navy is also Zhou Yu's elite water army trained for many years, Was Guan Yu under the Funiu Mountain crying father called niang, Want to know at the beginning with lyu3 bu4 guanzhong elite play, The result has to be reversed, What kind of result will the Jiangdong water army have when it collides with Lyu3 bu4's troops on land? Cao cao almost dare not imagine, so liu bei must not lose, this is also an important reason that cao cao is willing to help liu bei, at the moment he, urgently need a teammate, can help himself block lyu3 bu4 from the pressure of the west, and sun quan is obviously not a good teammate.Until guan yu on land hit wood mulberry water army, into jiangdong, changjiang river natural chasm is no longer useful, the sense of crisis came to mind.Thought, that ma will have what trick, now it seems, is to take off his pants fart, look safe, but in fact will also make big risk, but luckily, now chengdu will be their people, now to lu zheng also no problem.

"Less..."Strong crossbow, but as long as the men hide in these gullies, guanzhong strength crossbow again can't turn to shoot the soldiers inside the gully, at the same time if the guanzhong soldiers forced charge, gully soldiers can shoot the enemy with bows and arrows."Hsieh-yun, open the gate!" Xie Cheng looked over the wall and shouted.特立尼达莫鲁加蝎子"Let Sze-won get the headache." Wei shook his head, Mountain road, the two sides can formally open is to consider sending a small elite troops around the past, but to really break into jiangzhou, also have to rely on the frontal battlefield confrontation, as long as break DianJiang, according to the map, although across DianJiang, there are many hills, but at least not the main Daba mountain, fighting will be much easier than now.

特立尼达莫鲁加蝎子After all, Chang 'an is gradually thriving in the process of exploration, And when it comes to rebuilding Luoyang, Lyu3 bu4 side, Now that you have a full planning team, with the help of professionals, Still have geomancy division to measure geomancy, overall layout, give a kind of more magnificent atmosphere feeling, if changan is the main piece of jade, let a person dazzle, that luoyang after completion, like a string of good pearl necklace, not necessarily more beautiful than the former, but every building, the street is striving to put in the most suitable place, strive for conciseness, elegance and meticulousness.Looked at zhang fei panic fled, wei just slightly relieved, since the guanzhong crossbow formation, this is the first time wei played a positive contact war, three thousand guanzhong soldiers, the battle lost nearly five hundred people, although jingzhou army lost more, after the war inventory, can escape back to absolutely no more than two thousand people, but wei still feel lost.Method is smiling nodded: "Master to less master is quite strict, Every year, in addition to studying, I spent half a year practicing outside, Or in the army, or in the place for collectors, with master's words, is to apply what you have learned, always feel some inappropriate, now it seems that master is right, look at the younger generation, the little jiang wei, Ma Qiu, Zhang Hu, Gao Chong, guan Yong, although not compared to when the world famous general, but also enough to take up important positions, over time, these younger generation, I'm afraid to compare me. "

"Yes!" Zhang Fei didn't expect his potential in the must-have spear was blocked by the other side, and still has the strength to fight back, Can't help but praise, battlefield battle is not more than ordinary fight malicious, can't allow you to test, a hand is full, often win or lose only in an instant to part, this blow is not the slightest left hand, look around the world, can block his spear is also very few people, only this, wei yan martial arts is enough to be included in the first-class list of peaks.Li yan heart suddenly a tight, also at this time, pound suddenly waved, a rocket soared up, followed by heard a rumbling voice in the sky, li yan's face suddenly become difficult to look."Wait?" Pang tong nodded. "It 's also a way. Jingzhou should be in chaos now. Even if liu bei didn' t want to be distracted by kongming, he couldn 't hide the news for too long特立尼达莫鲁加蝎子




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