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阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|养肉食狗"Among you, there are west cool people, there are qiang people, there are many, not long ago, or with the subordinates! But now, I just want to tell you, you and I, we have a common name, that is the han people!" Lyu3 bu4 a pair of eyes, To meet the eyes of five thousand people: "In my eyes, Each and every one of you, It's all my robes, Today, regardless of status, regardless of rank, I, lyu3 bu4, As a Han Chinese, Just for me, Han, get justice, With the weapons of my hand, For the innocent people who died, To those humble huns for a saying, may bleed, even die, our name, may not be known to posterity, can only be in the boundless wilderness, do an unknown skeleton, but even if the last drop of blood, also will not let any one contaminated with my Chinese blood, the huns from this land alive! "Chapter 45 seibel vs d"Why?" Lyu3 bu4 puzzled.

"Husband, put on some clothes first. Don't catch cold." The sable cicada couldn't help flushing.Chapter 44 Each has its own planSoon, coppage wearing armor, under the leadership of a captain, came to guan yu side: "general guan, long time no see."阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|

阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|This, when it is the beginning of spring, the first rain, let the rain, will be washed away on their own body of bad luck."At the end of the day!" A sonorous and forceful answer, HanDe excitedly with people began to arrange horse pit in this area, horse pit is not difficult to make, just dig a hole, but how to arrange is very exquisite, must leave can let lyu3 bu4 military forces in and out of the channel."Eloquence?" Lyu3 bu4 shook his head and said, "Wen Yao was too prejudiced against me. Dong Zhuo was not sincere to me at that time. He was on his guard everywhere for fear that I might gain military power, was he right?"

"Chief!" A huns warrior rushed in from the outside, not very good-looking."A lot of things have happened in the city these days, and Mr. Gongtai has arrested a lot of people. Originally, he wanted to let the big silly man from Hsiung Kuo-hai come over. But Hsiung Kuo-hai said that the master's order was to protect Mr. Gongtai, and that it was more important to keep him alive. In the end, Mr. Gongtai could only ask me to come and bring someone over." Addis stood up and waved to the cavalry in the rear. "This time, Mr. Gongtai asked me to come, mainly to bring this poor old man here.""Your excellency should at least consider for the people of the whole city, the war together, it is inevitable that innocent people will be affected." Li you face flashed a touch of mockery.阳澄湖出大水蛇图片|




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