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发贴网|中国家电维修资料网"He has not yet reached chang 'an and is now in luoyang to assist gao shun in fighting the enemy. However, he has persuaded jiang dong to send troops to attack jingzhou. Chen gong nodded and smiled and said, "congratulations to the Lord, the lady has also come back, and the Lord has brought two generals.""General hansheng, where are we going now? To jiangling?" < / p > < p > liu qi was at a loss to take huang zhong in addition to the office, but at a loss to take at the heart, at the moment will be the eyes of the veteran as the only sustainment."Zhao zilong, you want to die!" Zhang fei was completely angry, zhang ba snake spear as the dragon like stab zhaoyun, guan yu saw zhang fei suffer, hurriedly rode to come, leng yan saw directly split to lv lingqi.

Zhaoyun smiled and said, "the general came at the right time." With these words he uttered a roar, and the hussar guards, scattered all around, quickly assembled.Gao shun nodded, this period of time, he also used a lot of methods, but water war than land, this is not gao shun is good at the field, a few fierce fighting, lost a lot of hands, even the battle camp himself also failed to grab a base, unable to establish a firm foothold on the other side, water war, who enter the water who suffer."Brother zhongde is leisure, have the mind to come here to visit?" Granted now with cheng yu's identity is different, granted as a hostage, but cheng yu is as a messenger to persuade the Montenegro thief for cao cao's use, the position of two people is opposite, but now, two people is reached an agreement, let zhang yan and lv bu thoroughly disagreeing to say again.发贴网|Originally, cao cao rancor, in relief, yuan is of course should appreciate, but lu bu, just poke the yuan is still in pain, lombardi hero), is it true that debate, but a tiger father son, spent large jizhou depends on cao cao to hold, help to cao cao yuan is the understanding of this period of time, the children with this in advance, but the pride of a ballet aristocratic men than lombardi, lyu3 bu4 take a wall, yuan is in the heart, I'm afraid not only do not appreciate yourself, instead of straight becomes darker.

发贴网|There was a warm kang in the room, and pang tong did not want to be in the cold with a group of old men, who had been born in the army and were coarse in skin and flesh."Lord." The judge and match came in through the door and saw yuan shang's expression. He knew what he was thinking. He sighed a little and said, "Mr. Yuantu, please come and see me.""General, here is an urgent letter for ye cheng." Another official came in with a volume of letters and bowed to zhang he.

"Alas!" Zhang fei mercilessly waved his arms, venting the depressed spirit in his heart.Chapter 24 the night owl campUnfortunately, it was almost destroyed in the end and fled to the central plains, but there was no place to stand. If it had not been for the chaos of guanzhong group in chang 'an, lu bu could not even find a foothold. It was under such circumstances that lu bu was no longer willing to believe scholars and turned his mind to study the new road.发贴网|




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