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于小彤恋情疑曝光|培训企业名录"Master wizardry, this war is bound to be a success!" Said Pound, bending over."Go? Where to?" Pang tong looked at zhaoyun, strange way.Although in terms of casualties, The war was a miserable victory, But a fall of the dead remnants will be a big tribe spelled apart, begging for the name in the prairie, as things spread, the cause of the event is gradually known, as lyu3 bu4 expected, the name of temuzhen began to spread throughout the prairie, vaguely has become the name of the prairie.

"Master ~" xu togeher listened to the two people run, cold sweat straight up, to lombardi hand way: "togeher know people unknown, tired armed forces frustrated, please master to sin.Next, lyu3 bu4 and cao cao will inevitably conflict, in order to occupy the initiative with lyu3 bu4 against the enemy, cao cao ordered coss led five thousand horse step army starry night to luoyang, even if can't occupy luoyang, but at least will be locked in the hands of the tiger firmly, keep their own initiative in the face of lyu3 bu4."Get up and tell the ministries to prepare for the invasion!" Daxi Xinjue longed for the day when he ascended to the throne of Khan, and his pride dried up in the cloud.于小彤恋情疑曝光|Falling in to grant to see d has ordered people to get out of the chong cheng wood, then to attack, a move in the heart, ordered people to recruit zhang he way: "can order the men at the same time put arrows, don't have to deliberately aim at the enemy, all arrows, will be able to make the enemy cause casualties, dare not despise our army."

于小彤恋情疑曝光|Although took advantage of the surprise attack, but the night is not only an obstacle to begging voodoo, lyu3 bu4 is also a loss, although let begging voodoo bombing camp, since trampling on each other, but in the chaos, the chaos is the same."Han sui, see patriarch." Han sui to Daxi new deferential way."Get up and tell the ministries to prepare for the invasion!" Daxi Xinjue longed for the day when he ascended to the throne of Khan, and his pride dried up in the cloud.

"It's kind of weird." Shaking his head, Murong GUI was moved: "But it is not impossible, if so, a lot of things will be easy to explain."Although Cao Cao had few soldiers, but extremely resilient, Lombardi hundreds of thousands of troops in turn, Played for more than half a year, but is to drag himself enough, not only died general yan liang, clown, grain road was cao cao sneak attack several times, let lombardi gnash teeth, but also helpless, guandu camp by cao cao, like a tortoise shell, several storms have failed, lombardi can only give up the idea of storming.Such a decision was undoubtedly correct, the two big family groups work together in Yuan Shao at the same time, And checks and balances, but this check and balance with lombardi's forces continue to grow, internal contradictions also began to intensify, coupled with lombardi later some complacency, let the contradictions of the two groups gradually sharp and did not intervene in time to reconcile, which is why when the country said ten wins ten defeats, the focus of the Ming lombardi factions.于小彤恋情疑曝光|




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