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波多野结衣作品番号|考焊工证要多少钱"Commander, wei yan and ma chao are too brave to be defeated." Wang wei a face of shame to CAI MAO apology."Swish ~""No wonder so arrogant, hey, be lv bu when such age, also this standard?" Zhang fei this moment is to kill meaning big rise however, this woman, stay not to be able to!

Looking at the unsatisfied head of he yi, lv bu sneeringly said, "besides, in this world, if you don't kill me, you can hurt me. He yi and he man may not have much ability, but they have been following me since xuzhou and bearing the burden of hard work."Well!" < / p > < p > these pro wei followed huang zhong in the garrison house for five years, the terrain of the garrison house than his home are familiar with, as huang zhong gave an order, skillfully occupied the garrison house each important ground, huang zhong with horses to protect liu qi into the garrison house."Lord, the end is near!" In the crowd, a military officer hurried forward.波多野结衣作品番号|In the hall, the servants and maidservants served the dishes like water. Pang tong sat at the left hand of lv bu without any consciousness.

波多野结衣作品番号|Chapter 103 shield armor book of heavenCAI MAO moved his lips and was about to order the troops out of the city to destroy them before the other side threatened.No matter how ferocious before fighting, but each for its master, let alone at the end of the day, but also political discord, is still a family, yuan tan death, but for yuan shang to solve many problems.

"Great! Pang tong's response was unexpected: "the Lord slept, and no one cared about me any more. Yuan came straight with me. Ha ha!"Zhang he, who did not fully understand what hsiung kuo hai was capable of, took his opponent as a talented individual and did not care to fight him. This was the first time they had fought each other under prepared conditions.And turned the horse and walked towards the mountain, behind, a group of Montenegro thief army finally relieved, they are most afraid of be lyu3 bu4 second guessed, lyu3 bu4 say the words, now both true and false, but psychologically, let the army in Montenegro, to say the transgressions have over, lyu3 bu4 much that gas is dispersed in the heart, this time, no reason to move these people again.波多野结衣作品番号|




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