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5555be.com域名升级|辽机集团Just as Zhuge Liang was thinking about how to break the enemy, a general came in and handed Zhuge Liang a letter."Shit!" Ma's face changed, harsh voice way: "Quick, with Li Hun, Xie Yun two generals meet!"

Lieutenant smell speech eyes a bright, promised 1, began to command the flag officer.Whether it is true or not, but sun quan this in the heart, is some unhappy."Shoot to kill!" Ma Qiu childish face, flashed a ruthless look.5555be.com域名升级|Rao is so, zhuge liang also had to consider how to deal with the guanzhong soldiers, weapons is one of the military strength, complain that the other armor of the benefit of some ridiculous, but zhuge liang had to comfort people with these words, they armor is too strong, in fact, the opponent itself is not as good as you?

5555be.com域名升级|"Don't worry about male seedlings!" Tardif smiled confidently and proudly said, "He tried to kill me, but it wasn't that easy!""Not necessarily." Guan yu looked at the cable of the handsome flag, cold hum 1, lyu3 bu4 YuanMen ji distance than this far, and zhaoyun archery is also not under tardif.Ma expressionless, but also did not retort, silently follow behind lu zheng, can live a little longer, who want to die early?

"Mean man, no brave bandit!" Also luckily zhang fei far away, and martial arts, zhang eight snake spear dance into a circle, will shoot to the front of the arrow cluster opened, at the same time on horseback, roared in the mouth: "men, kill me!""Little lord!" After Cheng Fang left, Guan Yong came to Lu Zheng's side: "Everything has been arranged."Lyu3 bu4 under the first superstar, had fought guan yu, zhang fei, if the world superstar get a list, male broad sea can definitely rank in the top five.5555be.com域名升级|




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