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时琬婷|五行果蔬奶茶"With Han Sui's character, there can be no conflict, especially when the situation is not good for him." Lyu3 bu4 nodded and thought."General." He Yi is outside the gate of the city, a QinBing came forward, embarrassed pulled He Yi's skirt, pointed to the front way: "The gate has opened."

"Back to less general, master was invited by Korea's adult today, go to jincheng for dinner!" Answered the chief of the guard."Oh?" Marotta sneer at a way: "That Wen Hou let's say, I have and life ambition?""Coward! On that day of the city 's destruction, I will own your head!" Viciously spat, d with pound, withdrawing troops ten miles under the village.时琬婷|Back?

时琬婷|Chapter 55 Fraud (2)"General zhang, you take people to clean up the mess, at the end of the general will go after less!" Ezra pound is also a change in complexion, hurriedly to one side of the embroidery explain 1, horse single knife, toward d left the direction of chase."Oh?"

Liang Xing reluctantly blocked d shot, but around the soldiers are not so lucky, three thousand shots fell, many soldiers didn't even have time to shout, was a cold shot through the body, YuanMen around, almost emptied a piece."Here!"Lyu3 bu4 shook his head, no longer forced, no rules, since the rules have been set, have to comply with, the next lift the curtain, the door.时琬婷|




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