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宋宝儿|catalog.wci"With the help of the old general, I think zhang liao will soon be broken." Yuan xi a smile intention between the table an old man frequently toasted.The longer time, CAI that idea is light, after all so many troops, impossible to find henton group, all of the people's livelihood is also a kind of hurt, greatly as a result, after nearly ten days in vain, gave up the plan to continue to search after CAI, as to issue a warrant, he also refused to Ken liu table, lyu3 bu4 directly to that then pushed to the opposite."Be quick, quick, the balance beam, one month of training all white blind, fell from the corporal punishment, corporal punishment, unexpectedly still fell off, my god, you can survive a month rather than yourself, don't hang on, saw a title of generals in ancient times did those old guys, at the beginning in eight hundred, finally only three hundred, compared with them, you can now do not have a left voluntarily, let me have to sigh, sometimes women than men more fresh, you return not bashful to stay in here?"

Wen yan nodded and said to yuan shang, "in this way, the sovereign should rush to yecheng as soon as possible. If he wins yecheng as soon as possible, he can drive lv bu to guangping county as soon as possible."Imperceptible in, lyu3 bu4 relies on on recliner, heavy sleep past, the body carries, the spirit also carries, but the heart is some tired however."Sure enough." Lyu3 bu4 rolled out letters, looking at the contents of the letter, sneer at 1: "'s rate of thirty thousand bullying tiger fastened, zhang he fifty thousand enemy armies HuGuan, as well as general coppage garrison in hedong, high sample led the troops to the north of the Great Wall, and hanzhong britons unexpectedly also mixed with one foot, send someone bullying, lombardi money really fat, just ate a defeat, has produced fifty thousand troops out so quickly."宋宝儿|"No, but the world is too big to know where to go?" Zhaoyun shook his head with a bitter smile.

宋宝儿|Pound look dignified, holding the knife hand tight again a few minutes, he ask martial arts, lyu3 bu4 had in changan, reviews the world military commanders have said pound gongben wuzang dacheng, can into the top 20 all over the world, even now, if the military commanders take fifty, pound there will be a place, pound though humble, but have no heart to pride, in the hands of a veteran who wants to today just a play has had a stuffy.Cao cao nodded, but not too surprised, zhang liao he still understand, mo said yuan xi, even under cao cao, can match zhang liao is not many."Lord, you are a bastard! In the crowd, li shuxiang was the first one to climb out of the mud pit. Today was the last day of a month. She performed her best and was only punished twice.

Accompanied by the cheers, lu bu, jia xu, li ru and fazheng and other officials smiled a little, so that jizhou family and the people will be difficult to stick together to squeeze lu bu, based on jizhou's first step, it is done."If so, no one will be willing to help." In the end, cao cao or rejected this very tempting proposal, xu you although hate, but the battle of guandu to win, xu you is really important, now xu chu killed, and then send the head to yuan shao, although can show sincerity, but let the world how to see his cao?"Damn it! Pound several conflicts, but can not put the mobility of the cavalry to use, but under the constant oppression of han rong, gradually surrounded, not from roaring, but also of no help.宋宝儿|




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