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小城故事彭于晏狼毒克癣In the distance, the sound of mingjin came from liu bei's camp. Pound frowned and looked around, but saw that the jingzhou soldiers who had attacked the city wall by other ways had been repelled.Looking at the Lord above, a face lost one's mind liu zhang, a group of ministers but no mercy, only two words in the heart -- deserve it, if not liu zhang hu, by virtue of that countless dangerous, how can let langzhong officers and men are all against, how can let pang tong easily lead troops into the chengdu plain easily, causing today's disaster?As for the weight of hay and hay want to go through the plank road, can only back of the back, the horses and chariots do not think.

"Yes, to promote the village in hanzhong." Wei Yandao.Pang tong frowned slightly, but did not care, only a slight look at liu d * * * d"How can we retreat before we sing! Kill them all!" Guan yu's anger hums 1, the big knife in the hand row a strange arc light, two head blunt sky but rise, the ground under foot already see not clear original color.小城故事彭于晏"I will send someone to inform general wei yan to escort hanzhong grain and grass to meet the urgent need. General liu and general deng xian have extensive connections in the middle of shu. They can immediately send someone to each city to lobby and persuade them to surrender Pang tong laughed.

小城故事彭于晏The two guards looked at each other in the same way, and the complexion of the guards was ugly. Pang tong gave the general a vague look. The general's eye was sharp, and he drew his sword"Husband ~" a beautiful woman with a lazy style to liu d * * * dHowever, cao cao is not xiang yu, lyu3 bu4 nor that year is the fall of qin, the intrepid battle effectiveness of group in guanzhong plain, far beyond the liu bei, and after a steady stream of conference semifinals was sent with them desperately, let liu bei some tired, the heart has got the announcement, especially zhuge liang in the letter has not been too good, illustrates the JingXiang situation should also prepare troops and zhuge liang shu, in order to prevent jiangdong enter, need to liu bei sat back to jingzhou.

"Poop-poop ~" gold pieces short shot from a different direction of the arrow, the tiger who, after all, are the elite around cao cao in the tiger who and at the head of the warning that a moment, and then responded, still some arrows in the fall on the ground."Zhang ren must have been imprisoned by you, right?" Pang tong did not answer, but asked in reply, at such a time, it is natural not to openly put forward their views, said I want you to surrender, the other side instinct will produce resistance."Night huang wei? Chen frowns, this is a never heard of the army.小城故事彭于晏





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